I commit to the player in the good and bad times of career

I have grown up in Helsinki and at home I have always had two brothers, mom and dad. My youth went for different hobbies, but the hockey was what I wanted to play the most.

Hockey was all to me when I was kid. I played for 15 years, and the hockey ended on my part in 2018. Hockey has given a lots of life skills.

I went almost directly to Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences to study Business administration at the end of my hockey career. I realized that it would now be possible to combine the two passions of ice hockey and business. I had already talked to old playmates during my hockey career that agency work looks interesting.

I strive to be a player agent who support the player in career planning, during the career, after the career, and especially when things are not working on or off the ice.

The most rewarding feeling at work is when you get to make such a good deal for a player that he or she wouldn't even have been able to expect.

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What kind of things do I help with? 

Contract negotiation

I help players to get best possible player contract. I also help with cooperation and sponsorship agreements.

Career planning

I plan a player's career in terms of his goals. I am actively present throughout the player's career.  

Mental Coaching

I've educated in mental coaching and thus able to support the player in everyday life and goal setting. I am also able to offer mental coaching sessions. 

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