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Where did it all start?

Interest in the sports and business has grown year after year. However, there has been a long way from idea to action.

In 2014, we first talked with Ode about agent business, and how interesting it would be. However, the more specific idea of ​​becoming an agent only started in 2018, when I quit ice hockey and started studying to Haaga-Helia to become a BBA. During my studies, I reflected on my own strengths and how I could utilize them in the future. I found myself getting along with different people on and off the pitch. Through these skills, connections, and being a salesman I gained confidence in starting an agent business.

The idea evolved through visualization so much by 2020 that I was ready to open the idea to Mirko. The best friend and childhood friend had founded the spark to coaching and created Coaching Spot Oy. Mirkon's Go Big or Go Home attitude drives people forward to achieve their goals. We share the same values ​​and spirit about running the CGA now and in the future. 

I called Ode in late 2020 and told him about CGA's vision. Ode connects different people easily and adding his hockey background, I wanted him to join the team.

The idea that an athlete gets all the services under one roof began to develop. I wanted the athlete to have access to basic agent services as well as mental and physical coaching, partnerships, and personal branding. The idea from the beginning has been to support the athlete in both good and bad moments, at the beginning of the career, during the career and after the career.

In the spring of 2021, we met with Mirko and Ode to create a GCA for athletes.

-Rudolf Orjo, Co-Founder

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