I am committed to supporting eSports players in good and bad moments, at the beginning, during and after their careers.

I have experience coaching dozens of different e-sports teams & players as well as running an international business. As a younger, I dreamed of being an eSports player in Fifa, but my own mental strength wasn't good enough.

As an agent, I'm going to help eSports players to find the golden mean for their lives. Together we are going to create a career plan that includes planning your goals, where do you want to play, partner- and sponsorship's that you want to have. 

In my spare time I love reading books, making podcasts as well as YouTube videos. As a counterbalance to talking and filming, I ride a motorcycle and go hunting!

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How can I assist you?

Being an eSports agent

I can help an eSports player with player contracts, career planning, partnership and sponsorship agreements, and coaching.


I am responsible for creating and maintaining partnerships. My goal is to build the strongest and most lasting relationship possible so together we can achieve the desired goals..


I am able to help athletes selected the golden mean for their lives. With the help of coaching, the athlete has the opportunity to create the best, healthiest and happiest version of themselves and to achieve the goals they have dreamed of.

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